ACE Online Mentoring

Steven Cerri’s ACE Mentoring is an online mentoring subscription program specifically designed for you; engineers, scientists, and technical professionals regardless of where you are in your career. You can be ready to graduate and join the workforce; you can be a new employee; you can be an engineer with several years experience just ready to take on the challenge of team lead; you can be a senior scientist; or you can be a technical manager who wants some ideas to apply to the management of your team.

Your ACE Online Mentoring Subscription provides you with a wealth of career advancement information that continues to grow every month. Your subscription includes live monthly tele-mentoring phone calls, live monthly mini-courses, and access to audio recordings, articles, videos, and online presentations all geared to helping you advance your career in engineering. And more and more material is added each month… all for just $47 per month.

The goal of ACE is to give you proven and tested skills, tools, behaviors, and knowledge that you can apply immediately and turn to your advantage tomorrow. You can even ask your own questions, anonymously, and get answers directly from Steven Cerri. The key is that Steven has successfully used what he is teaching you. You will not hear about theory. You will hear about what works and how to apply it to your career… by someone who has done it.

ACE Mentoring 30-Day Trial Offer

We know you might want to check out the program for a while to see what it is like, so we have made available a Discounted 30-Day Trial Subscription. (You will be taken to Steven Cerri’s ACE Program Website.)