International issues are unique!

Everyone talks about how small the world has become. Not everyone however, has to face that fact in their everyday work life. It is a unique challenge to do business with a team made up of a variety of ages, a variety of ethnic backgrounds, in a variety of locations around the world. Not everyone has experience in this environment. Steven Cerri does.

Cerri has trained, consulted, and coached extensively in China, Hong Kong, Italy, England, as well as the United States. Steven takes great pride in being able to train and facilitate communication for technical and non-technical organizations throughout the world.

Here are two examples.

Example #1:

Steven was conducting a training in China. The class was made up primarily of Chinese nationals and Danish nationals; about half and half. Obviously the cultural norms of communication and openness are different between Chinese and Danish people. Steven’s challenge was to successfully train both groups of people while being certain that both the groups and the individuals were respected, felt comfortable, AND learned how to communicate with people from other countries as well as with people from their own country. The results: the classes, processes, and the learning were a resounding success.

Example #2:

Steven and a colleague were asked to train a group of mid-level managers for a very large multi-national company. Twenty-five students attended the 5-day leadership class. The students were all nationals who were managers in their home counties. Some of the countries represented in the class included; China, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Jamaica, Singapore, United States, Oman, India, and Japan. The results: once again the class, the processes, and the learning were a resounding success.

If international communication, team building, management and leadership are important considerations for you and your company, Steven Cerri has the experience and the understanding of the issues inherent in international operations.