Mentoring Sponsored by a Company for It’s Employee(s)

Most successful engineers,managers, and executives have had mentors and coaches sometime in their careers.

Many organizations and companies hire Steven to mentor/coach individual employees or teams.

In the case of mentoring/coaching an organization’s individual employees, Steven is often hired because the employee is in crisis or is being promoted and must be prepared for this new position and responsibility.

The employee in crisis: Often organizations have great engineers, technical professionals, or technical managers who have made their success through solving technical/engineering problems.  They have been successful and have built a reputation as the go-to person for technical solutions.

However, as they have built their success they have neglected the interpersonal aspects of their career and at some point the organization wants more of a team-player and less of a solo-player.  The employee however can’t understand why what made him or her successful in the past isn’t working now.

This is where Steven often has an advantage over in-house advisors.  Just as young people would rather take advise from someone who is “not their parent”, engineers, technical professionals, and technical managers often will take advise from an outsider who understands what they are going through before they will take advise from in-house colleagues and/or managers.

The employees needs to be prepared: Often organizations have employees who are to be promoted.  The employee is technically competent. The employee knows and understands the policies, procedures, and operational processes necessary for the new position. But the employee is lacking the interpersonal and intra-personal perspective and understanding necessary to make them successful in their new position. The employee lacks the understanding of the “relationship aspect” of their new position and that is where Steven Cerri can be of great help. Steven has made the transition from engineer and scientist to manager, leader, and businessman, and he can convey the shifts that must take place for long-term success to take place.

The Program: Mentoring/Coaching of an individual employee within your organization requires a contractual commitment for a minimum of three months.  Mentoring/coaching occurs three times per month for 1 hour each (by phone, Skype, and when possible, in person), unlimited emails, and unlimited short, tactical phone calls (<5 minutes).

Investment: The investment is $2,500 per month for three months (total $7,500).

If your organization is ready to sign up an employee, direct them to the following link to begin the registration process: Individual Mentoring with Steven Cerri

If  your organization is ready to engage Steven Cerri in mentoring/coaching a group or team please call STCerri International at 1+925-735-9500 to discuss your specific request.


Case Study #1-The Situation:
It is common for companies to come to Steven and say the following:  “Steven, we have a great engineer.  He/she has been with us for some time and they have been very successful in the technical world.  However, we really need them to now be more collaborative and they have a reputation for being smart but very difficult to work with.  We value them but with fewer and fewer people willing to work with them, we just can’t keep them on if nothing changes.  So their career is limited here unless they can work more effectively with other people.  We want you to coach them to be more of a team player or we are going to have to let them go.”

Case Study #1-The Results:
In every case, the employees have turned around and have become valued assets to the organization and in some cases the turn around was so dramatic that they received their highest performance reviews in years.

Case Study #2-The Situation
“Steven, we have an engineer who is being promoted to manager.  This person will be a part-time engineer and part-time manager.  We want this person to successfully and smoothly handle this new position even though they have only worked as an engineer to this point.”

Case Study #2-The Results:
This person went from a part-time engineer/part-time manager and after three years is now a full-time manager in charge of a department.

Case Study #3-The Situation
“Steven, we have a technical manager who has to give an important presentation to top-level executives.  Can you coach this person to be successful?”

Case Study #3-The Results
After coaching this manager made the presentation and it was so successful that the senior executive in the audience complimented the presenter on successfully anticipating the audience questions.

If your organization is ready to sign up an employee, direct them to the following link to begin the registration process: Individual Mentoring with Steven Cerri