Mentoring Initiated by the Individual

Athletes and CEOs have mentors and coaches… why not you?

Extremely successful leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, experts, even nobel laureates have had mentors and coaches… why not you?

Athletes and CEOs have coaches.  Extremely successful people who have had mentors and coaches attribute their success to the help, assistance, guidance, and questioning of their mentors and coaches.  A key to influential coaching and mentoring is engaging a mentor or coach EARLY in one’s career.

Many individuals believe they should wait until they are presented with a new position or new responsibility before engaging a mentor/coach. This is often too late. Those who have achieved the greatest heights have had mentors and coaches early and throughout their careers.

Why don’t aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, and technical managers have coaches and mentors?

Actually you should.

It is true that sometimes you can find coaches and mentors inside your organization.  Much of the time you can’t.


Sometimes it’s a function of time.  Their lack of time.

Sometimes it’s a function of chemistry.  There isn’t any between the candidate and the coach or mentor.

Sometimes it’s that they don’t exist.  The organization just is not large enough to provide the people necessary to coach and mentor.

Sometimes it’s that they can’t coach, mentor, and teach.  The potential coaches and mentors don’t have the temperament to be coaches/mentors.

Sometimes it’s that they don’t have the knowledge.  The potential coach or mentor just hasn’t yet acquired the knowledge or experience to be at a level where they can contribute anything significant to the candidate’s career.

So for these reasons and others, often the person and/or the organization looks outside the organization for a coach or mentor.  However, another challenge arises because often those coaches and mentors found are not from the discipline of engineering so their effectiveness may not be as “on-target” as the client would like.

So at certain points in an engineering or engineering management career, the need a coach or mentor, someone on the outside to provide advise and guidance past the obstacles and over the gaps in the candidate’s learning and experience.  And it would ideal if that coach or mentor has specific experience in the world of engineering and technology management.

That is where Steven has an advantage over mentors and coaches who are not from the world of engineering. He talks your language! To sign up for “Individual Mentoring with Steven Cerri” click on the following link to begin the registration process: Individual Mentoring with Steven Cerri