On-Site Facilitation/Training Workshops

STCerri International provides transformational training in four critical areas for high-technology companies, organizations, and departments.

1. When an organization wants “organization-wide” effective communication.

In order to function effectively and efficiently, communication throughout the organization must be clear, open, focused, and effective. This is a special challenge when technical and non-technical personnel make up the organization. The following four STCerri International workshops are “organization-wide” workshops. This means that they are designed to form the foundation of effective interaction of all personnel in the organization especially when technical and non-technical employees and customers must communicate.

STCI-1: Effective Communication Skills for Technical Professionals

Communicating With Colleagues at Work (offered as 1-day public workshop)

STCI-2: Effective Communication Skills in Technical Organizations

Achieving Your Optimal Interpersonal Style at Work

STCI-3: Influencing Without Authority for Technical Professionals

How to Influence Others When You Do Not Have Official Authority

STCI-4: Customer Service Skills for Technical Professionals

How to Turn Customers and Colleagues Into Allies

STCI-5: Everyday Negotiating Skills for Technical Professionals

How to Avoid Win-Lose Exchanges and Achieve Win-Win Outcomes in Your Everyday Interactions

2. When the organization wants engineers to be more than technical, to become Fully Integrated Engineers™.

Through our highly interactive and challenging programs, we train engineers in the soft skills that allow them to deliver maximum results to your organization.

STCI-6: Secrets to Advancing Your Engineering Career

What Are the Critical Success Factors to a Successful Long-Term Engineering Career

3. When the organization has selected certain engineers to transition to technical management and leadership.

STCI offers Dual-Track Transition™. Seldom does an engineer move instantly from 100% engineer to 100% manager. Being effective during this portion of the engineer-to-manager transition phase presents unique challenges. STCI trains engineers how to maximize their performance during this critical phase.

STCI-7: Successfully Transitioning From Engineer to Manager

Avoid the pitfalls and amplify your strengths in your transition to management.

STCI-8: Delegation and Emerging Leadership Skills for New Technical Managers

How to Successfully Complete the Dual-Track Transition™ From Engineer to Management

4. When the organization wants technical managers to become exceptional Integrative Leaders™ in the organization.

We train technical managers how to build teams of Fully Integrated Engineers™ and how to provide the right management style to the situation so the outcome is a project on time, in budget, and with a team better capable for the next project.

STCI-9: Influencing Skills for Managers in Technical Organizations

How to Effectively Influence Throughout the Levels of Your Organization

STCI-10: Building Stakeholder Relationships for Organizational Managers and Leaders

How to Successfully Influence the Broader Customer Base

STCI-11: Advanced Leadership Skills for Mid-Career Managers

Motivating and Managing Today’s Diverse, Technical Workforce

STCI-12: Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes at the Executive Level

How to Negotiate at the Level of the Executive


STCerri International, Semi-Custom, On-Site Facilitation Programs

STCerri International provides partially customized, on-site training programs designed to make your engineers and technical managers as effective with people as they are with technology. Imagine engineers and technical managers who can influence, communicate with, and move effectively with a wide variety of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, in a wide variety of situations. What would your organization be capable of accomplishing with that kind of team? Our on-site programs are specifically tailored so that the employees attending will leave with tools and solutions they can directly apply to their own situations the very next day.