STCi08-Delegation and Emerging Leadership Skills for New Technical Managers

Delegation and Emerging Leadership Skills for New Technical Managers

Delegating successfully and gaining leadership skills as a new technical manager.

Two-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


Delegation is considered a necessary skill for career advancement and success in technical organizations. This is especially true in today’s work environment where success requires the application of large, multi-disciplinary teams. Delegation is dependent upon concrete skills as well as less concrete, but equally critical, leadership capability.

During this two-day workshop, participants will learn critical skills not only in the process of delegation but also in the art and skill of “delegation-leadership”. Participants will learn how to select the appropriate task for delegation; how to select the appropriate person to delegate to; how to manage the delegation process without managing too little or too much (i.e., avoiding micromanaging); and how to manage and adjust their own leadership style and capability in order to achieve success.

This fast-paced, two-day workshop is highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to bring their work-place delegation challenges and requirements to class to discuss and practice the delegation processes presented. The goal of this workshop is to allow the participants to effectively apply the delegation principles the very next day, in their own work environment.

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