Dual-Track Transition (TM)

The facilitation workshops included in the “Dual-Track Transition” program are for those engineers who have been selected to become managers. It is important that they learn to successfully juggle and balance both technical work and management work as they seek to lead teams and projects to successful completion while contributing their own techncial expertise. It is important that they be competent through this “Dual-Track” transition. A transition in which they are required to be engineers AND managers. The STCi Dual-Track Transition program prepares your new engineering managers to be successful.

STCerri International, Semi-Custom, On-Site Facilitation Programs

STCerri International provides partially customized, on-site training programs designed to make your engineers and technical managers as effective with people as they are with technology. Imagine engineers and technical managers who can influence, communicate with, and move effectively with a wide variety of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, in a wide variety of situations. What would your organization be capable of accomplishing with that kind of team? Our on-site programs are specifically tailored so that the employees attending will leave with tools and solutions they can directly apply to their own situations the very next day.