Outline-STCi02-Effective Communication Skills in Technical Organizations

Achieving an Optimal Interpersonal Style at Work

Two-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


1. Introductions

2. Preferred Communication Style Questionnaire (Part 1)

3. What Is Effective Communication?

4. Human Communication Models

5. STCI Circle of Influence™

6. Humans as Satellites Gathering Data About Life

7. Preferred Communication Style Questionnaire Results (Part 1)

  • Exercises using your most preferred communication channel
  • Exercises using your least preferred communication channel

8. Eye Accessing Cues

9. The Messages of Words

10. Representational Systems

11. Building Rapport

12. The STCI Seven Step Communication Process™

13. Sorting Routines

  • Questionnaire
  • 5-Categories of Sorting
  • Results
  • Exercises

14. Practical Exercises In Effective Communication

15. The STCI Seven Step Communication Process™