STCi01-Effective Communication Skills for Technical Professionals

Effective Communication Skills
for Technical Professionals

Communicating With Colleagues at Work

One-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


Communication is fundamental to all human interaction. Engineers and technical professionals have unique ways of communicating that often rely on data and information, and not on the subtleties or the “soft skills” of human communication. These soft skills are critical success factors necessary for the long-term success of any technical career.

Today’s engineers must be competent in their technical specialty and be able to effectively influence, persuade, and communicate their ideas, concepts, and goals. They must learn how to effectively communicate with colleagues, managers, team members and customers. Most engineers spend years developing their technical expertise and little time mastering the skill of communication.

Participants in this workshop will learn real-world, proven techniques that will immediately impact the way they communicate at work. As a technical professional himself, Steven Cerri combines two technical degrees along with an MBA and over twenty years of technical/business management experience, to facilitate this highly recommended program. He has trained thousands of engineers and technical professionals to become confident communicators in any situation. This is a fast-paced, highly interactive one-day workshop.

STCerri International, Semi-Custom, On-Site Facilitation Programs

STCerri International provides partially customized, on-site training programs designed to make your engineers and technical managers as effective with people as they are with technology. Imagine engineers and technical managers who can influence, communicate with, and move effectively with a wide variety of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, in a wide variety of situations. What would your organization be capable of accomplishing with that kind of team? Our on-site programs are specifically tailored so that the employees attending will leave with tools and solutions they can directly apply to their own situations the very next day.