Becoming a Fully Integrated Engineer (TM)

The facilitation workshops listed as part of the Fully Integrated Engineer Program are partially customized for your organization and are designed for those engineers your organization has selected to be more involved in engineering decisions and leadership while remaining engineers (not transitioning into management). They have great technical skills and your organization wants these engineers to be more fully integrated into the organization so their engineering contributions can have a greater impact. The organization wants these engineers to be more effective at communication, influence, and team contribution; more effective in the soft skills.

STCerri International, Semi-Custom, On-Site Facilitation Programs

STCerri International provides partially customized, on-site training programs designed to make your engineers and technical managers as effective with people as they are with technology. Imagine engineers and technical managers who can influence, communicate with, and move effectively with a wide variety of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, in a wide variety of situations. What would your organization be capable of accomplishing with that kind of team? Our on-site programs are specifically tailored so that the employees attending will leave with tools and solutions they can directly apply to their own situations the very next day.