STCi09-Influencing Skills for Managers in Technical Organizations

Influencing Skills
for Managers in Technical Organizations

How to Influence Others
With or Without the Application of Positional Authority

Two-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


Managers and leaders have “positional authority” and authority can be useful in motivating direct reports. But the use of positional authority also has a price. Motivating people by tapping their own personal motivational forces can often produce greater and more lasting results than using positional authority which often instills a sense of “I have to” in the direct report. Therefore, excellent managers and leaders use their positional authority sparingly.

The resulting questions then are, “How do excellent managers and leaders motivate if not with positional authority?” and “What do excellent managers and leaders use to motivate their direct reports?” The answer to each question is the same: “Each of us has a set of personal motivational drivers that if respected and tapped will provide a motivational force far beyond anything authority can produce.”

This two-day, fast-paced workshop is designed to give managers and leaders the tools to communicate, influence, and motivate their direct reports without having to resort to authority. This workshop will give the participants insight into the “internal motivational drivers” that each person has and how to determine and align tasks and organizational goals to those drivers. When this workshop is complete, participants will be able to determine, understand, and align their requests of the team with the internal and highly motivational drives of their direct reports.

This workshop is not based on theory but on sound neuro-science and on the practical application of the information presented to the real world of technical management. Case studies will be presented that are directly related to the world of technical management and participants will be encouraged to provide their own situations for discussion and analysis in this workshop to further focus the material on their issues.

In this interactive workshop, engineers will learn and practice proven strategies for developing the ability to influence at work. This ability is key to completing projects on time and in budget, developing long-term career success, and consistently making an impact within any technical organization.