STCi11-Advanced Leadership Skills for Mid-Career Managers

Advanced Leadership Skills for Mid-Career Managers

Motivating and Managing Today’s Diverse, Technical Workforce

Two-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


Successful managers are constantly seeking advantages that will help them motivate and focus high-technology individuals and teams. This workshop is specifically designed for the experienced manager who wants to be more effective with today’s high-tech workforce.

This two-day workshop is filled with tools, communication protocols, and processes for individual and group dynamics, as well as personal leadership processes that will enhance any manager’s current effectiveness.

At the end of these two days, participants will understand how to optimize their management style to the project and the team; how to focus their efforts on the Six Essential Functions of Effective Management and Leadership™, and how to build independent, proactive, conscientious direct reports. In addition participants will learn how to manage people who are not only across the hall but also around the world. This course is essential for today’s high-tech manager.

STCerri International, Semi-Custom, On-Site Facilitation Programs

STCerri International provides partially customized, on-site training programs designed to make your engineers and technical managers as effective with people as they are with technology. Imagine engineers and technical managers who can influence, communicate with, and move effectively with a wide variety of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, in a wide variety of situations. What would your organization be capable of accomplishing with that kind of team? Our on-site programs are specifically tailored so that the employees attending will leave with tools and solutions they can directly apply to their own situations the very next day.