STCi07-Successfully Transitioning from Engineer to Manager

Successfully Transitioning from Engineer to Manager

Developing Your Transition-To-Manager Plan

One-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


Engineers must be trained to be leads or managers; they are not born with these capabilities. The fact is most engineers are promoted to lead or management positions based on their success as engineers not based on their “readiness” for management. Too often the best engineers are assumed to be capable of managing people doing the technical work in which they are competent.

This is a mistake. For most engineers, management is a new career that includes many of the responsibilities and behaviors they sought to avoid by becoming engineers in the first place. Conflict resolution; team building; motivation of disgruntled employees; resource allocation; delegation; listening to direct reports instead of performing interesting and challenging technical tasks… these are but of a few of the tasks that await the engineer who has decided to become a manager. But do they understand what is expected of them? Do they understand the transition that will be required?

This workshop exposes the personal journey that engineers will be asked to take and prepares them for the successful transition to task manager, a team leader, a program manager, or department manager by preparing them mentally for the transition. This workshop will provide each participant with the personal insights into their current strengths and weaknesses and the new strengths that will be necessary for success as a manager.

Workshop participants will also learn the details of the transition process from engineer to manager. Seldom is an engineer a engineer one day and a manager the next. The transition for most is a period in which they are expected to be a manager part-time and a manager part-time, simultaneously. This is a challenging balancing act. It is a time of mixed responsibilities and often engineers lean heavily on what they are comfortable with, the engineer’s mind-set, when they ought to be favoring the manager’s mind-set.

This workshop will guide the participants through the questions and answers that will open their eyes to the issues they will face as they become first part-time managers and then full-time managers. This workshop will address the questions: “How do I like to process information and will that support or hinder me in my management position?”; “What resources can I tap in my company that will assist me in my transition?”; “Will I make this transition naturally based on past behaviors or will I be required to consciously think about the behaviors I must adopt for success?”; and “What is my plan for success?

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