z-Duplicate-STCi-09-The New Engineering Manager

Management Skills for the New Engineering Manager

How to Successfully Complete the Dual-Track Transition™ From Engineer to Management

Two-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


Once an engineer has been selected for management and has also decided to be a manager, it is important that training occur in two specific areas. The first area concerns project planning, budgets, scheduling, and company policies and procedures.

The second more critical and difficult training, is concerned with the attitudes and behaviors the new engineering manager must implement in order to be successful, regardless of the project and personnel over which they have management authority. This workshop addresses the four critical components of success for new technical managers: communication, contextual management, leadership, and personal emotional control.

New managers are seldom full-time managers with their first management assignment. Instead they are part-time mangers and part-time individual contributors meaning they are required to wear two hats; that of the manager and that of the engineer. This can be extremely challenging and confusing for the new manager. This course focuses on training the new engineering manager to walk this fine line relying both on the comfort of what they know, engineering, and the challenge of what they are learning, management.

At the end of this program, new managers will understand the basics of effective human communication, delegation through management and leadership, and how to deal with diverse people in a variety of management situations while exercising personal, emotional control. Participants will learn how to “adjust” their responses to situations, not in a black-and-white response pattern, but through the use of judgment regarding the most effective way to move the management process forward. Participants will learn how to leave behind the need to be “right” and adopt a goal of being “effective” in their communication and leadership roles within the organization and they will learn the success criteria necessary for new technical managers.

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