Outline-STCi05-Everyday Negotiating Skills for Technical Professionals

Everyday Negotiating Skills for Technical Professionals

How to Avoid Win-Lose Exchanges and Achieve Win-Win Outcomes in Your Everyday Interactions

Two-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Steven Cerri
Class size is limited to 24 participants


1. Introductions

2. What is Win-Win Negotiation?

  • Understanding the basic concepts of win-win negotiation
  • Realizing the effectiveness and need for everyday negotiations in your technical organization
  • Learning the differences between communication, influence, persuasion, and negotiation

3. Negotiating Style Profile Questionnaire

  • Identify your Preferred Negotiation Style
  • Identify your Preferred Negotiation Style under stress

4. Learning the Useful Assumptions In Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

5. Exploring the Communication Models that Underlie All Communication: Whether Win-Win or Win-Lose

6. How Do People “Telegraph” Their Intention To Join in Win-Win or Move to Win-Lose?

7. Learn How Your Personal Flexibility Will Determine Your Success in Achieving Win-Win

8. Achieving Win-Win Communications via Different Avenues

  • In person
  • On the phone
  • Via email

9. Learn How to Stay “Positive” While Moving to Win-Win

  • The “Positive Bias” in win-win negotiation
  • Key strategies to truly foster a win-win negotiation process
  • How to consistently create win-win situations

10. Learn How to Ask Questions to Generate Win-Win

11. The Five Most Common Communication Styles and the One That Best Produces Win-Win

12. 10 Difficult Communication Styles People Can Throw Your Way

  • Learn how to turn them toward win-win

13. Negotiation Tools & Skills for Organizational Interactions

  • Prioritizing significant win-win negotiation tools for everyday use
  • Learn how to consistently move people toward win-win
  • Using the Key Elements of Successful Win-Win Negotiation

14. Identify the Traits of a Successful Win-Win Negotiator

  • How does your concept of a successful negotiator compare to the experts’ definition?

15. Communication, Influence, and Negotiation

  • How to combine the knowledge of communication, influence, and negotiation to move through the world with effectiveness, elegance, and power