(Advance your Career in Engineering)

Do you want accurate, proven information on advancing your engineering career?
Then you’ve come to the right place.
Hello. I’m Steven Cerri, and since 1995 I’ve been working with engineers and technical managers to advance their engineering careers, successfully transition to management, and be better technical managers. Through training, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, articles, books, eBooks, presentations, and online I have helped thousands of engineers and engineering managers to be more successful by mentoring them in interpersonal communication, management, and leadership skills, the skills not taught in school.
The purpose of this website is to provide “non-technical” information that will help you advance your technical career. The blog and other free stuff on this site provide you with proven techniques, strategies, processes and steps for advancing your career. It provides the inter-personal information that is so essential for getting ahead as your career moves through it’s life-cycle.
Obviously you want this information from someone who has “walked their talk”. The information you will find on this website is proven, and by proven I mean that if I have not used what I’m telling you myself, and used it successfully, you won’t hear about it. Period.
The key to the information on this website is that it is non-technical. Many engineers and technical people believe that their technical competence will be sufficient to get them through their engineer career from graduation to retirement just fine. It won’t.
These are challenging times. We all know it. Some engineers are just trying to keep their jobs while some are trying to advance their careers. The bottom line is you can be the brightest engineer in your company and yet, if you cannot integrate yourself and your ideas into the overall structure and operational processes that allow you to impact your organization positively, in a way the organization values, you will fail. When push comes to shove, if you can’t provide value that is more than technical, your company will keep or advance those who can. End of discussion.  The message is “Technical capability is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a successful technical career”.
You’ll be passed over for advancement or you won’t advance your career as rapidly as others in your graduating class, or you won’t get that new interesting and challenging assignment. You end up jumping from company to company with layoffs in between headed for a dead end career.
I have seen it over and over. I get plenty of mentoring clients who are brilliant engineers but engage me because they have dead-end careers or because their management is faced with either helping them contribute more effectively to the team or their management will let them go. And all because they do not have the requisite behaviors to be fully integrated into their engineering organizations.
So that’s the current situation for many, many engineers in these challenging times. And… I can also guarantee you that it does not have to be this way. You can get that promotion. You can advance faster than you thought possible. And you can have a career that is constantly offering you new and better opportunities and choices.
To be successful as an engineer long-term or to successfully transition into engineering management, you must have a range of specific capabilities, behaviors, strategies, and tools, not all of which are technical and most of which were not taught in school. In fact, being technical got you your job… being more than technical will help you keep it. Your “toolbox” must be filled with the right non-technical tools. You must know how to use them and when, and you must actually be capable of applying them.
Your engineering career cannot grow just based on what you learned in school, just based on your engineering competence. Those of you who have been out of school for a while know that what I am saying is true. Your organization, your company, is asking more of you than just doing good engineering work.  The reason I developed the ACE Online Mentoring Program was specifically to address these issues.
I developed this website specifically to assist engineers who wanted to take it upon themselves to control and advance their careers and who know that what you need and will need is more than just more technical capability. This is for those engineers and technical people who look around at work and notice that those people who are advancing and have advanced are not just doing so based on technical competency. The organization wants more from you and it’s not technical. This is the place where you’ll find what that “more” is and how to apply it.