z-Ten Pitfalls

by Steven Cerri

How to Avoid 10 Pitfalls Keeping You from Advancing Up the Technology Management Ladder

Avoid these most common pitfalls that many technical professionals fall into that keep them—and their organizations—from achieving their full potential. “Move up the Managerial Ladder” by avoiding these pitfalls.

Most technical professionals have the following beliefs…

1…. “My ideas are my identity and therefore, I must fight for my ideas.”

2…. “I’d rather be right… than be effective.”

3…. “What I say is much more important than… how I say it.”

4…. “I’ll avoid the difficult internal conversations, and the difficult interface conversations long enough for them to just go away.”

5…. “I assume everyone is a professional… and will do their jobs well.”

6…. “If delegation doesn’t work… I’ll just do it myself.”

7…. “I want to do what interests me, not necessarily what is strategically important.”

8…. “I don’t want to change myself just to talk to non-technical people.”

9…. “I don’t have to think systemically. I’m paid to do my task.”

10…. “What got me here… will get me there.”