z-Fully Integrated Engineer

Steven Cerri has developed semi-customizable workshops that are grouped into three specific program categories as follows:

  • The Fully-Integrated Engineer.
    • For engineers, technical professionals, and those who work with them who want to develop their interpersonal skills communication and influence skills
  • Dual-Track Transition
    • For engineers who want to make the transition from individual contributor to team lead and/or manager
  • Integrative Leaders
    • For mid-level managers who want to be able to build their teams of Fully-Integrated Engineers and develop their own effective team culture and motivational drivers.


Who this program is for.

This program is specifically for the engineer who believes that their purpose in life is to be the “solver of engineering questions and problems” and no more. Their job is to provide “data”, “expert advice”, and “information”. Decisions, judgement, compromise, give-and-take, and excellent interpersonal communication is the job of “somebody else”.

However, the organization wants more from them.  The organization has now invested time in these excellent technical people and the organization needs and wants to tap the “judgment”, the “insight”, and the “wisdom” of these people and that can only be effectively accomplished through communication and excellent interpersonal interaction with other individuals, teams, and departments.

This means they must become more “integrated” as technical professionals into the organization as a whole.  They must be able to contribute much more fully, much more effectively. Thus the term, “Fully Integrated Engineer”.

To accomplish this transition engineers, technical professionals, and the people who work with them should take the following semi-customized workshops:

  • Effective Communication Skills for Technical Professionals
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • Be the Engineer Your Manager Wants to Promote
  • Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes