z-STCi Mission and History

The mission of STCerri International is to train engineers, technical managers, and other technical professionals in the inter-personal people skills, the soft skills of:

  • interpersonal communication
  • team participation and team building
  • transition from engineer to manager
  • management, leadership, and negotiation
  • NLP non-verbal communication processes

in order to significantly increase the productivity and effectiveness of technical organizations. STCI is unique because Steven Cerri has been through the transition process from technical professional to organizational leader and entrepreneur and transmits knowledge, experience, and real-world information about what is truly required to be a results oriented, technology manager and engineer.

STCerri International was founded in 1992. STCI is a California corporation and has been from it’s inception. Steven Cerri have conducted training and facilitation, and mentoring and coaching programs throughout the world, including China, Italy, and England, as well as the United States.