z-Welcome From Steven


I’m Steven Cerri.

Welcome to my website. You will notice that this website is titled STCerri International and Steven T Cerri. STCerri International is obviously the corporate name, but just to be clear this website and this company are exclusively about me and my work. Although I do have associates that assist me in support functions, I personally do all my own facilitation, mentoring, and consulting. I don’t farm out my work or use associates for delivery. I consider what I do so specialized that, frankly, I don’t trust others to do what I do the way I do it nor as well as I do it. As an engineer, scientist, and businessman who has spent my life developing my experience, capabilities, and materials, while this may sound like ego speaking, it is just my perception of fact.

I facilitate/train, mentor, speak, write, and teach engineers and technical managers, the skills they were not taught in college, the skills of effective inter-personal communication, management, and leadership. Effective inter-personal communication is the foundation of all individual and group motivation, leading to effective management, and leadership.

(This workshop) was amazing! Steven is a fabulous facilitator. He very effectively works with course topics, participant scenarios/tangents. (I) want to take everything Steven offers. Alexis Wang, RF Engineering Manager, Ball Aerospace

I can’t even begin to tell you how important I think this whole topic is. As engineers and engineering managers, steeped in the idea that “data rules” and that “human, interpersonal stuff” is just so much “touchy-feely nonsense”, it is critical that our technologists and technical managers learn to communicate, manage, lead, and relate to others effectively. As technology continues to accelerate, as the world shrinks, and as work-borders dissolve, our ability to relate to each other and communicate effectively within the world of technology will become more and more critical.

I hope you find this website and the information included interesting, unusual, provocative, and beneficial. If you have any questions, comments, or interest in my work, I look forward to talking to you.

Be well,

Steven Cerri