Steven T Cerri



Be more than technical!

Interpersonal communication, negotiation, and management training for men and women engineers, scientists, and technologists.

STCerri International adds the missing pieces for career development and team participation, contribution, and innovation.

What Does Steven Cerri Provide Corporate Clients?


In today’s increasingly complex and global business environment, what do technical organizations need most?

They need engineers and managers who are more than technical… who can communicate and lead in ways that accelerate and integrate innovation and ideas.

STCerri International works with technology companies, technical organizations and departments and their engineers, technical professionals, and engineering managers.

"As a group lead without functional management responsibility and as a Work Package Manager on a major program, I (will) use the course material to achieve positive results through better communication…  (and) use the techniques to improve team communication… Mark Heinemann, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Mechanical Engineering, Com DEV Canada, Space Systems"

Our clients want engineers and engineering managers who not only are exceptional technically but who are also capable of:

  • Elegantly communicating their ideas and accelerating innovation through open and effective interpersonal communication.
  • Contributing their ideas effectively in a team and/or management environment.
    directing, influencing, and leading others without appearing condescending and too directive.
  • Leading as well as following.
  • Contributing their own ideas as well as listening to the ideas of others and merging the best parts of all of them.
  • Leading a meeting as well as contributing to one.
  • Communicating effectively not only with other technically knowledgeable people but also with their non-technical colleagues, customers, and broader stakeholders.
  • Understanding that being “effective” is sometimes more important than being “right”.
  • Smoothly and quickly transitioning from engineer-individual-contributor to manager.
  • Constantly improving their management abilities.


We help our clients achieve four major outcomes:

  1. Build teams of engineers and non-engineers who do not function only as individual contributors but also communicate well together in order to increase innovation across departmental boundaries and deliver products and tasks on time and in budget.
  2. Train, mentor, and coach engineers to contribute fully their engineering expertise by understanding how to effectively communicate and influence throughout the organization.
  3. Transition engineers smoothly and quickly to management and even to positions of part-time management and part-time engineering individual contributor.
  4. Train, mentor, and coach current managers to become even more effective at building teams that foster innovation and communication across departmental boundaries.

STCerri International is uniquely qualified to produce these results because Steven Cerri is an engineer, a scientist, and a businessman who can effectively translate and communicate knowledge, experience, and judgment to other engineers and technical professionals…. because he speaks their language.