Steven T Cerri



Be more than technical!

Interpersonal communication, negotiation, and management training for men and women engineers, scientists, and technologists.

STCerri International adds the missing pieces for career development and team participation, contribution, and innovation.

In today’s increasingly complex and global business environment, what do technical organizations need most?

Companies need engineers and managers who are more than technical… who can communicate and lead in ways that accelerate and integrate innovation and ideas.

STCerri International works with technology companies, their technical organizations, and their engineers and engineering managers by the application of Mentoring and Facilitation/Training.  These processes increase productivity, innovation, and on-time, in-budget performance by increasing effective communication, enhancing soft-skills and inter-personal capabilities, and providing the skills for the smooth transition from technical individual contributor to team leader, manager, and beyond.


(This course…”Influencing Without Authority”) will change my interaction- perspective and approach permanently. (I will use this information in my) daily interactions with staff, peers, and leadership team. Larry S., Engineering Manager, Major Aerospace & Technologies Corporation / RF Technologies.