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Thank you for taking an interest in our research. We are gathering information from engineers, scientists, and technologists, worldwide; those who are full-time or part-time payroll employees, contractors, and consultants. This questionnaire, therefore, is only for those who are currently employed in a technical capacity.

The questionnaire asks the following questions, in various ways: 

  • "What is working well for you in your current job and what is not?"
  • What you would like more of and what is missing?"

You will notice that we are asking for your first name and your email. This is to ensure you are a real person. You will not receive any emails from us, except to provide you with updates as to the results of our research, which we assume you want since you completing the questionnaire.

So again, thank you for taking an interest in our research and your data will be kept in the strictest confidence.

EngineerAnalytics:  Top Work Challenges Questionnaire

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