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Imagine where your career would be if, a year ago, you had the mindset, communication and influence skills of top engineers...just like some of my past students & clients: 

"In the time I’ve taken Steven’s courses, my performance reviews have gone from those I didn’t particularly like to now receiving a top 15% rating."


- Raymond Wolfgang

Electrical Engineer/Manager at National Laboratory


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You already know that the successful engineers have mastered their Mindset, Communication, and Influence skills.


And that's exactly what you want too, right?


Join us for this one-to-one:  Boost Your Engineering Career to the Next Level Mentorship Program!


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Why are my clients raving about their careers?


Hear what my clients are saying about their experience when working with me! 

Raymond Wolfgang

Electrical Engineer/Manager at National Laboratory

In the time I’ve taken Steven’s courses, my performance reviews have gone from those I didn’t particularly like to now receiving a top 15% rating.  I attribute much of that success to Steven’s training, insights, perspectives, and practical guidance.  He doesn’t just teach “one thing”.  His teaching spans almost all aspects of the interpersonal components of a technical career and it works.

Uma Verma

Aeronautical Engineer at NASA Ames

When I shook Steven’s hand, I had no idea I was meeting one of the finest mentors I’d ever have. Steven’s advice is simple and relevant and it has fundamentally changed the way I approach my entire career.

Let me ask you...

How much longer are you willing to wait to advance your career?


And how many opportunities are you willing to pass you by?

So let's get real for a second...


Every struggling engineer neglects their career to some extent because they assume their career will advance automatically if they just do really good technical work. But if you’ve been in the technical workforce for any amount of time… you're different. You’ve begun to understand and know that it doesn’t work that way. In fact, that’s probably why you’re here!

You’re here because, while you do want to perform good technical work, you also know that organizations seem to want more than good technical work, especially if you are going to be a long-term employee or contractor. You do want to do great technical work… and… because your organization seems to want more from you than technical work.


You want to add the extra ingredients that will ensure your career advances as you want it to.

• And, you want to be proactive and not at the mercy of your organization, your manager, and your environment, right?


But the biggest HURDLE I see with struggling engineers, who are certain that what they are doing just isn’t enough, is that critical question:

I’m an engineer. I want some certainty. So, what exactly do I do to fix things in my specific organization, I my specific situation, without wasting time on unnecessary processes and paths and blind alleys?

Look — we all know things have changed in the world and in our work environment. More work is being performed remotely. New technologies are developing faster than ever. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change the face of the workforce and the work environment. Young people with new technical skills are graduating every year. Organizations are having difficulty finding people with the “right technical capability” because organizations treat engineers like commodities, not investments. And in all of this, you are trying to figure out how to remain relevant as time goes on. What you have to understand is that your long-term relevance does not depend on your technical competency. Let me repeat that…. Your long-term career success does not depend on your technical competency.

It should be clear that at least five main near-term and long-term factors that will diminish your technical relevance:

1) the increased variability in your work environment will lead to the problem of "out of sight... out of mind";

2) the emergence of AI;

3) the constant influx of newly graduated engineers with new capabilities and at a lower price;

4) your own inability to stay ahead of the new-technology curve; and

5) as time goes on, as your salary increases, you will become more and more expensive to your organization/company.

These five factors alone indicate that if you continue to focus on your technical capability, you will sooner-or-later be let go by your organization.

Your job is to take your technical competency, add what you didn't learn in school that your organization values, and make yourself relavent in this ever-changing market.

The key is...

The organization doesn’t really want you to stay 100% technical. The easiest way to see this is just by looking at the fact that with each year, if you have been doing a decent job, you are getting more and more expensive. If you continue to focus 100% of your time on your technical capability, you will become too expensive for the company to justify your job. Cheaper alternatives will show up.

So, what does your organization want? What do you do?

Actually, the answer is simple. With every passing year you can actually become more and more valuable to the organization. You not only have technical ability but you also understand how that technical knowledge is applied to the projects and programs in the organization. This integration of technical knowledge and specific company experience can be a valuable asset.

However, the key to making your “organization-technical-experience” valuable is tied to three variables:

1) ability to be flexible and resilient;

2) your ability to communicate effectively what you know; and

3) your ability to influence others with your perspectives, your experience, your knowledge, and your ideas.

I like to think of your long-term career success much like an equation.  Your long-term engineering career success is a function of five variables: your technical ability; your accumulated experience; your mindset; your communication ability; and your influence ability. It looks like this:

Your long-term career success =

f(technical) + f(experience) + f(mindset) + f(communication) + f(influence)

I’ve seen this throughout my career as I grew my career from an aeronautical engineer to General Manager/CEO. These five skills (in the right proportions) were ALWAYS displayed by the most successful long-term career engineers. And it wasn’t long until I began to train my employees in these skills as wells. The results were high-performance teams, highly effective engineers and managers, and employees who went on to manage their own teams or start their own companies, or engineers who became sought after subject matter experts in their organizations.

These skills are so much more relevant now that the work environment has changed so dramatically and is continuing to change.

It’s for this reason that I’ve put together a 5-week mentorship program for select people who want to learn how to jump ahead of the pack and take their careers to the next level.


Introducing the Career Accelerator Mentorship!

For a limited time you can do just that by joining my 5-week Mentorship Program.



Areas of Focus

Mindset +


  • Maintain your best state no matter the stress of the situation.

  • Reinforce the behaviors that make you successful.

  • Reduce or eliminate the behaviors that limit your success.

  • Avoid the stressors that produces less-than-effective behaviors.

Communication +


  • Communicate effectively with anyone in any situation.

  • Diffuse conversations that appear to “heading for trouble.

  • Communicate effectively with people who you have not been able to in the past.

  • Persuade others of your ideas elegantly and achieve buy-in without arm-twisting or arguing with them.



  • Be heard by your colleagues and your manager.

  • Influence the organization within which you work.

  • Take control of your Performance Reviews.

  • Receive an “A+” on every assignment you are given.

  • Eliminate “task overload”.

  • Avoid micromanagement and be empowered.

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Meet Steven Cerri

I'm an engineer (BS, Aeronautical Engineering), scientist (MS, Geophysics), and businessman (MBA). I know what it takes to build an awesome and sustainable career.

I've spent my career in engineering and scientific organizations and companies. I've been part of the start-up team of two multi-million dollar technical companies (one a government contractor in systems integration and the other a commercial printer company). I've worked on the Space Shuttle, deep space probes, and weather satellites as a orbital flight performance engineer and a systems engineer.

My career has advanced from:

  • Engineer (Individual contributor)
  • Scientist (Ocean-floor research scientist)
  • Lead Engineer
  • Director of Engineering
  • Vice President of Engineering
  • Chief of Operations
  • General Manager/CEO

In order to create a career that continuously advances (in the way you want it to) you must be more than technical and that means you must up your game in three areas: 1) Your Mindset; 2) Your Communication; and 3) Your Influence.

Even if you don't want to go into management and you want to stay technical throughout your career, remember:

We get hired for our technical capability and to do technical work, but at some point organizations want more from us. If you don't know how to add that additional component, your career can get stuck in the middle of the pack with no opportunity for real growth and success.


One-to-One Live Access to Guide and Answer Your Questions

Weekly one-to-one coaching call specifically focused on YOU!


Communication Scripts, Action Guides and Video Recordings

What to say, to whom, and how in order to achieve your outcomes.

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Here's what is included in the Career Accelerator Mentorship:

Career Boosting Sessions with me

(4) 90+ minute Career Boosting strategic sessions on the topic of your choice. Plus progress check-ins between sessions.

The Focus is on You and What You Need Now!

Develop the Mindset, Communication, and Influence skills appropriate for your situation in support of your specific outcome.

Practice, Practice, Practice = Immersion = Success

We will work together as you practice your skills in real-time and I will coach you through the process until you are successful.

One-Month Checkup and much more...

One month after completion of your Mentorship Program we will have a 90+ minute Skill Review & Consultation to check on your success.

Mentorship Bonus 1

Online recorded video trainings designed to assist you in achieving your success.  The content gives you more information about the topics you are most interested in and allow you to understand and practice... and understanding leads to practice and practice leads to immersion and immersion leads to success!

Mentorship Bonus 2

Receive a signed copy of my book:
The Fully Integrated Engineer
Combining Leadership Skill & Leadership Prowess.

This book will walk you through how to add to, change, and manage your mindset so you can achieve more career success.

Fast Action Bonus #1

Must have conversation scripts:

  • How to get an A+ on all your tasks
  • How to set up your Performance Review for Success
  • How to say "NO" to task overload without damaging your career.

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