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Interpersonal communication, negotiation, and management training for men and women engineers, scientists, and technologists.

STCerri International adds the missing pieces for career development and team participation, contribution, and innovation.

STCi Services

STCi provides a variety of services including in-person and online mentoring, on-site and pubic training/facilitation programs, event speaking, and online mini-courses. More information can be found on this page and via the links listed below.

STCerri International Services

Engineer-to-Leader:  This subscription mentoring program is specifically for engineers who want an online program that will assist them in their advancing their career… now! In this program you will receive proven, hands-on tools, processes, information, and wisdom that you can apply immediately. Why wait to make mistakes? There are situations where “learning by doing” is certainly useful. But “learning by doing” on the job, when your career can suffer, is not the place. The Engineer-to-Leader Program is the way to gain experience without the pain of making mistakes.

Individual 1-to-1 Mentoring:  Individual mentoring is specifically useful for individuals who want to accomplish specific goals and outcomes in their work environment. Perhaps you want to deal with a specific issue or make a career move inside or outside your organization. Or maybe you have a behavioral block that is keeping you from being successful. Individual 1-to-1 Mentoring is a targeted approach to get what you want, when you want it, for your reasons.

Extended Group Mentoring Program (coming soon):  Group Mentoring is a year-long process of quarterly, in-person group mentoring, coupled with monthly individualized tele-mentoring calls. This approach is particularly useful for individuals or teams who want to see specific growth in themselves and/or their organizations over the long-term and want to learn from others in real-time and over an extended period. This program is not so much for individuals and teams who want to solve a specific issue, but rather want to build a capacity for excellence in their work environment.

On-Site Workshops and Training

Public Workshops and Training

Workshops Based on Career Life-Cycle


Speaking Engagements

Custom Team-Oriented Training and Coaching

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, all STCerri Intertional programs will be aviailable domestically and internationally