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A Word from the Dean of University of California, Santa Barbara's Technology Management Program

"To whom it may concern:

I am University of California, Santa Barbara, Associate Dean in the College of Engineering's Technology Management Program (TMP). Our mission is to educate men and women to create economic value through new technologies. The Technology Management Program’s educational programs include over 30 graduate and undergraduate level classes in management, entrepreneurship, new product development, and marketing taught by world-class scholars, highly successful business lecturers and entrepreneurs. Our classes are consistently ranked among the top 10-15 % at the University and virtually all are over-subscribed.

Steven has been an instructor in the TMP for several years. He has been teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses titled “So You Want To Be a Technology Manager”. Originally, almost none of the engineering graduate students wanted to take a “management class”. After Steven’s first year in which he utilized his own engineering insights and perspectives together with some of the latest theories of management, judgment, and decision-making, students now literally rave about the content and effectiveness with which it is delivered. The most common quote from his feedback evaluations is “the most important and best class I have taken at UCSB.” Steven is very, very good.

What makes Steven unique and powerfully effective in his teaching for our program is that he combines two technical degrees and an MBA with twenty years of technical and technical business experience. This means that when he teaches technology-business management and leadership, his courses are rooted in practice as well as in theory. Our students truly appreciate this mixture. Also, because of Steven’s experience and education he has the ability to develop a variety of class topics that can compliment our department’s mission. While, we do not yet have an “Executive” or more advanced career educational program, I know from having developed and run such programs for Boeing, Microsoft, and other tech companies, that Steven would also bring huge value added to that context as well.


Professor Gary Hansen,
Associate Dean
Technology Management Programs

What People Are Saying About My:

Mindset-Communication-Influence Training

Raymond Wolfgang

Electrical Engineer/Manager at National Laboratory

In the time I’ve taken Steven’s courses, my performance reviews have gone from those I didn’t particularly like to now receiving a top 15% rating.  I attribute much of that success to Steven’s training, insights, perspectives, and practical guidance.  He doesn’t just teach “one thing”.  His teaching spans almost all aspects of the interpersonal components of a technical career and it works.

Uma Verma

Aeronautical Engineer at NASA Ames

When I shook Steven’s hand, I had no idea I was meeting one of the finest mentors I’d ever have. Steven’s advice is simple and relevant and it has fundamentally changed the way I approach my entire career.

Mark Andrews

Sr. Software Engineer, WildPackets Corp

I think (Steven) is unique. I work with a lot of managers. My father taught at business schools. I met a lot of teachers at business schools. But I have not come across the knowledge Steven has. I think it is unique.

Gail Northrop

Director of Organizational Development, ViewSonic Corporation

Steven has had a dramatic impact on employee productivity… The feedback I have received on Steven’s executive coaching sessions has been excellent. The participants feel that the time spent with Steven was highly productive and the results have had a powerful and dramatic impact on their productivity, as well as their sense of professional and personal purpose.

Rich Tarde

Internal Technical Consultant, Ball Aerospace and Technology  Corporation (Ret).

Steven has such an insight into the technical environment; he really knows the issues that engineers face, what engineers are going through. He really puts me and other engineers at ease. Steven has a talent for coaching and training.



You really speak the language of the engineer AND you understand management. I now understand I have to find the right person to fit the right function. Although I don’t think of your classes every day, I’d guess that I think about something I learned from your classes at least once a week. Every week I think of something I learned that helps with my work.

Leslie Buchanan

Manager, Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation

The material Steven taught seemed like unconventional wisdom to me. I’ve seen a lot of different trainers and training programs, and after more than 10 years, I have yet to find anyone else who uses Steven’s style of teaching.

Alexis Wang

RF Engineering Manager at Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation

This training was amazing!
Steven is a fabulous facilitator. He very effectively works with course topics, participant scenarios/tangents.
I want to take everything Steven offers.

Bert Obleski

Engineer, Isys Technologies.

By far the most useful and applicable to improve my effectiveness in dealing with people … Over the years I have attended several classes and read some literature on leadership and management development. The insights and techniques I received from Steven Cerri’s courses are by far the most useful and applicable to improve my effectiveness in dealing with people… The information and exercises Steve covers are revealing and intellectually challenging. Steve’s informal and engaging presentation style is well placed and spiced with humor. I go back to the class handouts and notes I have taken again and again as a refresher on the subject… If you are disenchanted with the latest best selling ‘fad de jour’ books on management theory, if you are serious about enhancing your skills in interacting with colleagues and customers, attend one of Steve Cerri’s classes… You will happily return for more.

Mark Heinemann

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Mechanical Engineering, Com DEV Canada, Space Systems

As a group lead without functional management responsibility, I hope to use the course material to guide those working for me to a success oriented positive work environment. As a Work Package Manager on a major program, I hope to use the course material to achieve positive results through better communication. I hope to use the techniques to improve team communication and again, achieve positive morale within the company. The examples used during the course, and the fact that Steve continuously used the process while teaching was most valuable. The reinforcement of the course material through example was the most effective way of getting the point across.

Tim Mueller

Manager, Lockheed Martin

Best training I have attended in years.

Renee G


This training changed how I perceive interactions between people. It was a fun class and I learned a lot.

Larry Straushein

Engineering Manager RF Technologies at Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation.

This communication training will change my interaction perspective and approach permanently. I will use this information in my daily interactions with staff, peers, and leadership team. I really liked the course. It was very insightful and useful on a daily basis.

Brian A. Berg

President, Berg Software Design, Director, IEEE-CNSV

Steve has a rare talent, and it was a pleasure to have him share some of it with me.

You can take control of your engineering career.

Whether you are working predominantly off-site or on-sight, just beginning your career or you're a seasoned professional, it's not difficult once you understand the variables you need to focus on.

I'm an engineer (BS, Aeronautical Engineering), scientist (MS, Geophysics), and businessman (MBA). I know what it takes to build an awesome and sustainable career.

I've spent my career in engineering and scientific organizations and companies. I've been part of the start-up team of two multi-million dollar technical companies (one a government contractor in systems integration and the other a commercial printer company). I've worked on the Space Shuttle, deep space probes, and weather satellites as a orbital flight performance engineer and a systems engineer.

My career has advanced from:

  • Engineer (Individual contributor)
  • Scientist (Ocean-floor research scientist)
  • Lead Engineer
  • Director of Engineering
  • Vice President of Engineering
  • Chief of Operations
  • General Manager/CEO

In order to create a career that continuously advances (in the way you want it to) you must be more than technical and that means you must up your game in three areas: 1) Your Mindset; 2) Your Communication; and 3) Your Influence.

Even if you don't want to go into management and you want to stay technical throughout your career, remember:

We get hired for our technical capability and to do technical work, but at some point organizations want more from us. If you don't know how to add that additional component, your career can get stuck in the middle of the pack with no opportunity for real growth and success.

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